At BLUNUVO CATERING COMPANY, we believe that contributing and supporting our community is the best way to do business. Day by day, our friends, customers and families inspire and amaze us with how they come together to make our community a better place for the future of our children.

BLUNUVO CATERING COMPANY is involved in a variety of programs to facilitate community support and giving. We keep looking for interesting ways to do this, as we have been doing in the past 6 years when we salute our customers with a sample of our food selection for their pledge of community support & contribution.

Our Goal is to make our employees and customers to contribute more and more to our community and to maximize our involvement and support. We truly believe in community involvement – we believe in being involved in our community and being a part of bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in our lives – it’s all part of being a good person. It’s an absolute commitment rooted in our heart that we can use our scale to be a catalyst for better and happier life.

Our company mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit goes far outside the walls of our kitchen. It means helping and supporting our community and increasing our involvement day by day. BLUNUVO CATERING COMPANY will continue to support community support and service.

Currently supported programs:

  • C.W. Hill Elementary School (through Arnell Golden Gregory, LLC)
  • Epstein School – Solomon Schechter School of Atlanta
  • Schiff Pre-School